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Monday, March 1, 2010

February thoughts

Every month on my personal blogs I do a little write up about random thoughts I have. Figured I could share some things here too each month both personal and photo related.

Got this idea from the fabulous Tara Whitney and as much as I would love to include a family photo like she does, I only get a few times a year that hubby will let me do family photos and I want to do that after Alex gets his haircut this weekend. Sooooo maybe that needs to be my goal this month to get an updated family photo since we havent done one in months.....

So here we go:

*I spent 20 minutes this month trying to edit out a weird area on one of my photos. Then i realized it was a smudge on my computer....

*Between potty training brett and alex having a little GI bug, I am up to my ears in pee, poop,and diapers. I would say I cant wait to be done with this, but I LOVE having my boys be little and they already grow up too fast. I am going to enjoy this stage as long as it lasts, even with its messes.
*I got a new lens this month. We shall see in the long run if I like it or not. I got it mainly for snapshots and using at amusement parks, so it wont be used on any of my photo sessions. I really need a day trip or vacation to see if I like it.

*Lost started back up. LOVE that show :)

*Didn't go to the doctor as much this month but still having issues. I have an appointment in March. I hope to get some answers.

*I have really loved watching the olympics and am a little bummed we didnt go get Chris his enhanced drivers license. (he lost his passport!) We really missed the ball, as this olympics really is in our backyard. we just wanted to drive up for a day and walk around the area to say we went.

*We are currently planning three vacations. Although just recently we thought about downgrading one of them. We might go to Oregon instead of Northern California. Then we have our annual Southern California and Disneyland trip for this summer. And then next year we are going to Hawaii for a week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We won 3 free nights at a condo on Maui, so at least 1/2 the trip will be spent at a really nice hotel!!

*I am still so behind on my personal photo stuff. I really want to use March as a catch up month. I need to get caught up on my personal blogs, make a 2009 blog book, and then I need to make Alex's first year book too.

*I also have to start getting ready for Alex's first birthday. Should be taking some photos in the next few weeks for his invites. Its amazing to me that its that time already. This year has gone by fast!


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