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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hollywood Photos | Seattle-Tacoma Photographer

2 years ago on one of my photography boards several people were recreating old Hollywood photos or famous actors.Breakfast at Tiffany's being a big one. (Which by the way I have a plan for, just need to get it all to come together).

Anyway, most people were doing these shots with girls, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, etc

That is when I thought I needed to do something fun and different and find a male role that could be recreated... and it dawned on me, Charlie Chaplin. He was recognizeable and fun.

So March 2008, I dressed up Brett (12 months old) the best I could (i put him in shoes that were 3 sizes bigger and pants that were a lot bigger, pinned the jacket behind his back) and with some help from photoshop (the cane is actually red and i needed to darken a lot of the shadows), I created my all time favorite photo I have ever taken.

I dressed him up again in November 2008 (20 months old) to recreate this shot...
not exactly what I had in mind, but it works. it was a little tricky getting the dog and the not even 2 year old to recreate an old photo! lol
Then in November 2009 (2.5 years old), I put together another idea to try to recreate Marlon Brando.
Not shabby. Although i think i might try again with some better props, but i like it.

brettfinalwebso flash forward to yesterday (3 years old). I have had the idea to do a Harpo Marx for over a year. I just needed to piece the outfit together and well get time to do it. Yesterday was the day, almost 2 years to the exact day I create the Charlie Chaplin photo.

Here is one version I got. Again with some help from photoshop I was able to get what I wanted and am very happy. Since it takes me about 2 hours to edit one photo when I am doing these old Hollywood types, it might be a few days until I can share more from my Harpo session.
And I have lots more ideas for both Brett and Alex. I find this extremely fun to do. These are the shots I not only have fun taking, but I have fun planning them. researching the photos, the costumes, trying to find the pieces, etc and to see it all come together just makes me giddy :)


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