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Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Years | Tacoma Couples Photographer

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary :)

10 years ago today my wedding ceremony didn't exactly go as planned. Things went wrong (....a minister that was incompetent...), flowers were totally wrong and not anything like I ordered (thus no beautiful altar) and then some photos were blurry and not what I wanted either.  I often look back at my ceremony and think about how we should have eloped to Hawaii.

However, on a happy note, my reception was a blast and totally was wonderful with some of the best vendors!

Back to the photography, I have always been a little sad about my photos. There were some wonderful shots, but nothing overly romantic or carefree about them, they were more formal and posed. Of course learning and understanding photography in the last 10 years I have grown to really know what I like and for the last few years I have been waiting for July 2011 because I KNEW I wanted to have better photos done for our 10 year anniversary.

I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted a white dress. I wanted a fun location. This time was going to be the redo.

Now granted when I first planned this all out 2-3 years ago we were going to renew our vows on the beach in Maui at sunset....that didn't quite work out money wise. But that didn't mean I still didn't want some wonderful romantic photos to celebrate this time in our lives. (a later post will be more on what we are doing today with more photos, stay tuned)...

I went and bought a white dress (that I will be wearing all day today) and was determined to get some photos taken of us. Now since starting my self portrait 52 week challenge this year I have gotten pretty good at doing self portraits, so instead of hiring someone, or waiting until we were out on our anniversary, I set up the tripod and did a mini session in Downtown Tacoma last week.

Dip Kiss
He loves her
Blue Wall

and here is one from our anniversary trip to Vegas :)
Paris Love


Kylie Walls July 26, 2011 at 3:51 PM  

This is fun! I never would have known they were self-portraits. Congrulations on 10 years!

runa August 7, 2011 at 10:49 PM  

Beautiful shots!!

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