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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Decade Challenge

2020 Redo Project: 3/20

I'll share some photos that I am "updating" for the 2020 year. Some will be on my self portrait blog. Which the first one of this year is. 

"I Love Cheerios"
Original taken February 26, 2010. Alex age 10 months. One of my all time favorite photos I have ever taken.
Everything in this redo is the exact same. Same bowl, same pitcher, same spoon, same molding. I didn't use the same floor only because it was easier to use my floor and I wasn't 100% sure I didn't throw that floor away at some point. Also I think the original shade of gray was darker. I have bought a new roll of gray seamless for sure in the last 10 years I also took the photo in the same spot as I did 10 years ago.
I wanted to redo this photo because its a real showing of a "decade" photo. It taken almost to the day 10 years ago. Plus Alex is at that age where he is a still a good sport about this sort of thing He really tried to give a baby face
Newer photo taken on February 24, 2020. Alex age 10 years.
*Alex does not like cheerios, but loves cereal.
* I made Alex wait to get his haircut so I could take this. But because of his ceremony last night, he had to get his haircut yesterday and thus why the photo was taken on Monday and not Today for the actual 10 year date.
*Was WAY easier and quicker to get the 2020 photo (like 2-3 minutes), but the 2010 photo is WAY cuter 😂


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