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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday | Tacoma Portrait Photographer

Every time I book a session I get asked this question..."What should we wear"? I have a few paragraphs that I write to clients explaining a few things, or mostly the "don'ts" that can make your portraits less then stellar. Thus, I thought I would try to post every few weeks some clothing tips to help guide you to choose color combos and patterns that make your session really pop.
For this first post, I will link you to a board on my pinterest account. Someone has made all these wonderful clothing ideas and can give you pretty good ideas on clothing choices and color combos :) Besides my own what to wear board, if you are on Pinterest, type "what to wear" into the search box for lots of fabulous ideas!

Many of those photos on the above link show you how to coordinate your family using complimentary colors. This is a great resource to use as reference for those that have a hard time figuring out which colors go best together.

Keep in mind that you do not have to match exactly for your session. Everyone doesn't need to be in the same color, or the same pattern shirt.

One thing I have found that works really well is finding one piece of clothing that you love for one member of your family. Usually it has a pattern or color scheme. Maybe's it's a shirt or a dress or even a fun pair of pants. Then you match everyone else in the family to that person.

Here the daughter has on a shirt that has a pattern to it that contains a few different colors. The other three members of her family are wearing three of the colors that are found in her shirt. They are all wearing something different, but yet totally match.

Here is an another example of how to match your clothes. The Dad is in blue, Mom is in red, and then the child is in a shirt that is both blue and red. Works really well!

Another board I want to share is more for the moms and teen girls in your family.

Usually its Mom that is booking the session and as most women wants to look fabulous. Here are some fun trendy clothing ideas and how to coordinate your shoes and accesories too for the women in your family!


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