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Monday, February 6, 2012

Made from Pinterest Monday!!!

For today's Made from Pinterest face sticks that you can draw on!

I saw this pin on pinterest a few weeks ago and it was the perfect thing to make with the family stick faces I already used for this self portrait...

To create the sticks for the above photo I enlarged photos of all 4 of us and got them each printed 8x10. I sized the faces as large as they could fit on the 8x10. Once printed I carefully cut out the faces cutting around the hair and ears to keep our basic shape.

Once the faces were cut out I taped them to the stir sticks you get in the paint department.

Now to make the fun!

I used contact paper to create a slippery surface, but if you are able to get it laminated that would be better. I placed the photo face down on the contact paper and then folded the paper over....

Then I cut all around the edges of the photo again.

Once it was all "laminated" I used a dry erase marker and made silly things on the faces....

When I was done I wiped it off. If i wriped right away I could use a dry kleenex, otherwise I used a spray of water to help it wash off as well.
The kids had a lot of fun drawing on all of us :)


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