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Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Photos and Outtakes :)

On Wednesday I took some photos of my two boys and my parents dog Spencer. The intent was just to get a photo of the three of them. Actual Christmas photos of my boys will be taken several times over the next few weeks...

I did of course get the shot I was hoping for....
My Three Santa Boys :)
but it wasnt just, sit down and smile and be done. so I thought I would share a few of the outtakes, and plus some of the other photos that were keepers too.
[disclaimer: not all of these photos are fully edited, so take that into consideration when viewing;)]
First can't take photos if the baby is crying,
then baby crying, makes dog want to get up and leave :)
Don't worry, this was the very first two photos, we quickly realized it was then meal and nap time... so we stopped photos for about an hour for Alex and so I took photos of Brett and Spencer...
Brett and Spencer
when we resumed, I got a photo of Alex and Spencer
Alex and Spencer :)
then it was time for the three of them, so thought I would share a few outtakes...

tongues sticking out and if you notice hat is off too!
Pulling the hat off
Looking at grandma and grandpa and not the camera (although this one is still cute!)
Spencer getting up
But that is ok I was able to get a cute one of my boys out of it :)
My Christmas boys :)
and then my favorite outtake, the pushing brother :)
and if you are wondering, I do have three santa suits and can bring them to any session for babies aged 2-12 months. Or I probably should say babies probably under 25 pounds :) I have a 12 month suit and last year I was able to put my 22 pound 21 month old in it no problem :)


MamaXtina December 3, 2009 at 8:16 AM  

The crying Alex ones are the best!!! Even though he is upset, theya re still way too cute!!!

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