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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Boys :)

Today i tried to take a photo of my boys and my parents dog all together. Brett LOVES Spencer and every year I have taken his photo with him. This year we got to add in Alex.

I really should show the outtakes because they are hilarious, crying baby, running dog, dog nipping, brett pulling the hat off, brett pushing alex down, but they arent edited yet, so i cant post them yet, but they would make a post all in themselves :)

But even after all that I think i got a winner :) Can you say Christmas Card Photo?
My Three Santa Boys :)
And just for fun, here is the 2008 photo
Brett and Spencer
and the 2007 :)
My two santa boys
And I have soooooo many blog posts ready to go, over the course of the next few weeks i should have lots to share :) Plus some from my vacation too!


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